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Display your software on The Oasis!

Like all great file sites, you can improve The Oasis by donating your files. Please do!

If you have some code, a utility that you like, or a favorite library (not commercial, of course), please feel free to upload it via ftp to:

I check the incoming directory whenever I have time. I download any files placed there to my PC, check them for viruses and content, place the description in the appropriate 00_index.txt file, and place it for everyone to use.

Important! Read This!

I currently have three major requirements for donating to the site:

1. Please send in a plain text file with your email address noting which files you are sending in. This is for when something shows up that is problematic.

2. Be sure that there is a description file in the .ZIP file before you send it in! I greatly prefer PKZIP as the compressor of universal choice, and all submissions will be converted to PKZIP format regardless of original format.

3. Due to the nature of newer viruses, I require all submissions to be in an easily recognizable and decompressable format, WITHOUT executing them. This means that self extracting files are only OK if I can run the native compressor to decompress them without running them. Any file that is sent to me that I have to execute to decompress will be discarded. I'm sorry that it has to come to this, but I don't want any files with viruses in the ftp site, and I'm not real thrilled with the concept of infecting my own machine, either!

Please note that you will be unable to send files into any directory except for the /incoming directory.

If you can't use your web browser to get files, you can use your ftp program and the following address to my ftp site, which allows anonymous guest logins

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Last Oasis Maintenance: July 24, 2004

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