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Q: What is Clipper?

A: In this newsgroup, "Clipper" refers to a database oriented programming language for PC platforms. The primary compiler is published by Computer Associates as CA-Clipper. The latest release is 5.3, which includes a Windows development environment.

Although originally thought of as a dBASE III compiler, Clipper has developed into a language of its own. It now incorporates some of the basics of object oriented programming through built-in classes, replaceable database drivers, and code blocks.

There is no Windows version, but there are third party products that let you port Clipper applications to Windows. There is also a Clipper compatible compiler for most flavors of UNIX, called FlagShip. There is also the new Alaska Xbase++, which is a superset of Clipper 5.2, and is a 32 bit compiler for Windows.

Note: There is an unrelated encryption chip also known as Clipper. Please direct messages pertaining to the Clipper chip elsewhere (try the Usenet newsgroups alt.privacy or alt.privacy.clipper).

Q: What is CA-Visual Objects (AKA: VO, CAVO)?

A: From Mark Schumann's CA-Clipper FAQ: "CA-Visual Objects is an object-oriented Windows-based applications development environment with repository-based source management and an incremental compiler. It includes interfaces to many major database engines via the ODBC ... standard." Note that VO is not a Windows version of Clipper.

Q: Is there a Usenet newsgroup on CA-Clipper?

A: Yes, two of them: comp.lang.clipper (c.l.c.) and alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper (a.c.d.x.c).

The group comp.databases.xbase.misc is mostly dBASE, but there are occasional Clipper posts.

The c.l.c group was created early in 1995 and supersedes a.c.d.x.c. Please use comp.lang.clipper for Clipper related messages. If you are having trouble getting c.l.c, contact your news server administrator.

In the Spring of 1997, comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects was created. Please post VO related messages there to keep c.l.c on Clipper as much as possible.

It is possible that some people will never be able to get the c.l.c groups. Since alt groups never die, and Clipperheads are a sympathetic lot, you can rest assured that a.c.d.x.c will remain active for quite some time. You can also be assured that you will receive comments from well-intentioned souls urging you to switch to the c.l.c groups. Ignore them. If they persist, refer them to this mini-FAQ. With a smile, of course. :)

Q: Is there a Usenet newsgroup on CA-Visual Objects?

A: Yes, comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects Please direct VO specific questions to that group.

Q: Is there a Usenet newsgroup on Alaska's Xbase++?

A: Yes, alt.comp.databases.xbase++. Please direct Alaska Xbase++ specific questions to that group.

Q: Where can I get the real Clipper FAQ?

A: The real FAQ is now maintained by Dave Pearson, with help by other Clipper programmers. Try these sources:

Remember: Most users consider alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper "obsolete." Please direct all posts to comp.lang.clipper and comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects if possible. Thank you.
Please note: This page was created and maintained for several years by Wm. David Belew. We want to thank David for his outstanding contributions over the years.