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The Oasis is primarily a file repository for CA-Clipper files. CA-Clipper, the computer language we are referring to, is a high level language originally evolved from dBaseIII (which is an interpreted language). CA-Clipper originally gained it's fame from being able to convert dBase interpreted programs to compiled DOS executables. From there, it evolved into the most powerful DOS based database language, with support from the largest third party vendor market of any computer language.

Hundreds of CA-Clipper related files gathered over the years are combined here in an easily accessable format. There are two ways to access The Oasis archive. The easiest way is to use your browser to view the web pages which I have created, You choose a category and then see a list of files in that category. Once you have found a file you are interested in, click on the magnifying glass icon. This allows you to view the directory of the zip file before you download it.

If you want to download a file, click on the filename. Your browser will take care of the rest.

Another way to access The Oasis archive is to use an ftp program. You can use it to directly access the files similar to a disk directory of the site. You can then use the ftp program to transfer the files to your own drive. The ftp address is contained in the 'You can donate to The Oasis' page accessable from the main page. Many people prefer ftp access over web access.

I have checked all of the files for viruses using the latest version of the McAfee virus scanning software. Hopefully, nothing gets through this screening process, however, no guarantees are offered. If you want to be absolutely sure, then check the files yourself.

Best of all, this is all free. The only thing I ask is that if you have a Clipper utility that we don't have which is shareware or freeware, or some source code for a cool/handy/neat function, then upload it and contribute to the archive.

If you have a problem with something you downloaded here, try to contact the author directly. Most code that is on The Oasis came from people on the internet, and most of them have included their addresses somewhere in the body of work. Use this method first.

If you have problems with http or ftp transfers to or from The Oasis, contact me directly. Many times when you have problems, there is no problem at The Oasis, but instead, there is a general bottleneck in the internet at large. Waiting a few minutes or hours or days will probably make just about any download problem go away, unless some major piece of the internet infrastructure is broken.

1. Contact the author of the software in question.
2. Contact other Clipperheads on comp.lang.clipper
3. Contact me, Phil Barnett


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