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  Harbour is the free software implementation of a multi-platform, multi-threading, object-oriented, scriptable programming language, backward compatible with Clipper/xBase. Harbour consists of a compiler and runtime libraries with multiple UI and database backends, its own make system and a large collection of libraries and interfaces to many popular APIs.

Harbour is a cross-platform compiler and is known to compile and run on Windows (32 & 64), GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows CE, OS/2 and MS-DOS. More features »
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  • Harbour is free software 100% compatible with Clipper compilers
• Harbour is proven to be stable, robust and efficient.
• Harbour is portable across multiple operating systems with the same code base.
• You can use it to develop either open source or commercial applications. Learn more»
Current release: v3.0.0
Release Date: 2011-07-17
Source snapshot: zip  tgz
Nightly binary: exe  7z (win)

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Native SQL, ADO & ODBC Support Support modern tecnologies: XML, FTP, TCP/IP, etc. Cross-platform: 32/64-bit, Mobile, Mac, etc. Create Console, GUI, Service & Web Applications Contains many third party libs with additional features Developed by a very experienced and capable team of developers
  Harbour is a free and open-source project. It can be used to make open source applications, free or commercial products. Read more»
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Harbour Project Development News

July 17, 2011   Harbour 3.0.0 released
    After 1.5 years of strong development and 3600 commits, new stable version 3.0.0 is released. Sources are available on file area, prebuilt binaries will follow shortly.
Aug 2, 2010   Harbour successfully ported to VxWorks RTOS
    In 2010 July with few days of development effort, Harbour has been ported successfully to VxWorks 6.8 Real-Time Operating System (x86 CPU target for now) for both GNU GCC and Wind River C Compiler. Many thanks to Wind River Inc. for making their development package available to our open source compiler project. This means now Harbour can run on cars, planes, rockets and robots. :) See more about the technical details in ChangeLog.txt entry '2010-07-16 18:22 UTC+0200 Viktor Szakats' here
Jun 3, 2010   Harbour Mailing Lists address change
    Thanking Phil Barnett for providing the Harbour community a great mailing list for so many years, today, due to server problems, we have migrated the mailing lists to Google Groups in agreement with Phil and Harbour admins. Make sure to revise your subscription settings...
Dec 23, 2009   Harbour 2.0.0 unified Windows binary release
    Harbour 2.0.0 (Revision 13372) source archives and Windows binary releases are available for download. more»
Dec 22, 2009   Harbour v2.0.0 is released!
    After 16 months of intensive development the final version 2.0.0 is finally released. There are many highlights and news in this new release, check out some details and download your copy free. more»
May 13, 2009   SourceForge Community Choice Awards!
The announced the opening of nominations for the fourth annual SourceForge Community Choice Awards. The Harbour project is candidate - nominate us! more»
February 15, 2009   New website released!
    Released the new layout for our site. This includes details about the project, several examples and will soon include some tutorials. more»
September 17, 2008   Harbour v1.0.1 is released!
    Many deployment fixes into General, Core & Contrib sessions. All users should upgrade to receive the latest fixes. more»
August 10, 2008   Harbour Release v1.0.0
    Many deployment fixes into General, Core & Contrib sessions. All users should upgrade to receive the latest fixes. more»
See the news archive for past news articles.
  Sample Applications  

Hello world
Hello world A single Hello World with a typical welcome message.
FOR EACH example
This example demonstrates how to use the FOR EACH command.
CGI/HTML-Generator class
This example shows how to work with Web pages using a custom class to manipulate data coming from a file and returns it to web browser.
Ini file reading/writing
Test for Ini files reading/writing using native Harbour functions.
TBrowse and TBColumn sample
A simple example demonstrating the use of classes TBrowse and TBColumn.